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You can select one or more of our dating profiles sales hot offers and / or contact our dating profiles sale manager with your specific niche. What is the difference between Wholesale, Standard, Elite and Premium packages?

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My client was seeing a new man she met on a dating site, and things seemed quite promising.

There was one challenge, though: it was a bit of a long-distance relationship, so there was a little more uncertainty than usual, due to the fact that their visits were less frequent than if they lived in the same town.

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I was so nervous at first but once we talked it was like we had known each other for years!

But what was to come was amazing - we are like two peas’ in a pod, my daughter says he is my long lost twin!

Will each profile be given a unique user name and password when uploaded onto my site?

Each profile can include photo(s) and next mandatory and not mandatory fields: ID, Username, Email, Password(md5), Birthday, Country, State, City, Headline, Description, Gender, Seek, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Marital status, Education, Occupation, Income, Religion, Children, Hair color, Eye color 3. All profiles have confirmed contact email when joined our dating sites and can respond to you dating site email notify, but some of them can be dead and it depend of database age.

After a couple of weeks this guy’s profile showed up.