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(Dropbox spam), and finds Long lost son finds home via Google Earth, ... Ashitaka takes a stand on the Stand your ground law, ...We like to feature the people and events that are making today's tech news.

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Obsessive Maths Freak writes "Today's xkcd comic introduced an unusual word — malamanteau — by giving its supposed definition on Wikipedia.The only trouble is that the word (as well as its supposed wiki page) did not in fact exist.They were collecting 30 percent of the price of every comic sold.Most new comics retail for the same price digitally as in print, between .99 and .99, and at least one company -- DC Entertainment -- has said that digital comics now represent around 15 percent of its new comics revenue.If you shop at Amazon, you can shop via this link, and help support our work at the same time. Grumpy Steen notes Canada officially has the coolest currency in the world, ... And in Super Fan Clubhouse Tidbits: Snaggy welcomes tomhut to our merry band of super freaks! Get access to the Super Fan Clubhouse, custom avatars in the Forums, a 10% discount on webstore orders, and as a Super Treat, Solid Nitrozanium Super Fans can appear in the comic!

And we now have an affiliation for our Canadian fans. The Joy of Tech is a comic about technology and pop culture, created by Nitrozac and Snaggy, and updated three times a week.

Along with the app update and its more difficult purchasing process, Comixology is offering all its current users a credit as a way to get people to try the purchase workflow."For years they've been one of the highest (if not the highest) revenue app on i OS," said Rob Salkowitz, author of "Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture." "Removing that feature gets around Apple's fee and restrictive policies but creates extra steps for customers.

I guess they are banking on having a loyal enough audience at this point that the reward outweighs the risk," he said.

But some Yahoo customers are saying that’s easier said than done. The Bay Area retiree says as soon as he heard about the hack, he tried to change his Yahoo password.

But, Stryer, whose Yahoo account is merged with his AT&T account, hit a roadblock.

This month I produced the first So This is Basically video with a guest illustrator in quite some time, and it's on its way to being a regular thing!