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Mick Taylor is Ronnie Wood’s direct predecessor and the musical virtuoso behind the Rolling Stones’ golden age.

When the band announced six weeks ago that it was switching record labels from EMI to Universal, much was made of the continuing selling power of classic albums such as Exile On Main Street, Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers – all made in an astonishingly productive five-year period between 19, when Taylor was the Stones’ lead guitarist.

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The rocker and his gf didn't create a disturbance on the short flight from Nassau to Miami, so we're told Tommy's off the hook -- he won't face a ban. the company officially has no comment on this matter.What's funny, though -- even though AA seems to be cool with Tommy and Brittany's hookup, she's not happy with them ... Her path to conversion began when she tried to convince her ex-husband Jerrome, himself a Muslim convert, that the religion was wrong.She was ‘very suspicious’ of the faith, and began reading up on it to support her arguments.It is a curious effect of the passage of time that The Rolling Stones are now as much admired for their business acumen as for their rock and roll.

Nearly half a century after their rebellious beginnings, the Stones remain the world’s highest-earning rock stars.As the footage circulated online, the internet briefly averted its gaze from Donald Trump, and oohed and ahhed with glee.“LEO AND KATE ARE SO CUTE,” one person calmly Tweeted.Their albums have made them £250million and their spectacular tours have grossed upwards of £1.8billion.Mick Jagger, whose androgynous sneer was once so feared by The Establishment, is now canny Sir Mick with a £225million fortune and palatial homes on three continents.[on appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated] After my first Sports Illustrated cover, I felt terrible about myself for a solid month.