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Released in 2001 by both Aware and Columbia Records, the album quickly launched Mayer's career, with "No Such Thing" and "Your Body Is a Wonderland" both becoming Top 20 hits.

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Cook and Mayer parted ways shortly thereafter, however, with Cook joining the Marshall Tucker Band's touring lineup for several years.

Now a solo artist by default, Mayer recorded several of the duo's songs, packaged them alongside a handful of his own compositions, and self-released the EP in 1999 under the title Inside Wants Out.

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[Verse 1] I never liked this apple much It always seemed too big to touch I can't remember how I found My way before she came around [Chorus] I tell everyone I smile just because I've got a city love I found it in Lydia And I can't remember life before her name [Verse 2] She keeps a toothbrush at my place As if I had the extra space She steals my clothes to wear to work I know her hairs are on my shirts [Chorus] [Verse 3] The day She called up and came to me Covered in rain And dinnertime shadowing And as her clothes spun, we spooned And I knew I was through When I said "I love you" Friday evening, we've been drinking 2 a.m., I swear I might propose But we close the tab Split a cab And call each other up when we get home Falling asleep to the sound Of sirens [Chorus] [Bridge] From the battery To the gallery It's the kind of thing you only see In scented, glossy magazines [Outro] And I can't remember life before her name .

The self-produced CLRBLND EP, premiered on Teen Vogue, represents her love of dance, funk & rock, merging sounds of The Police with new synth pop and classic pop funk feels of Michael Jackson.

2017 to date, Sinclair has been creating new music in London, Berlin, New York and Nashville, inspired by her relationship with family while leaning into the dance/pop/funk world.John tells a story of him living in New York City and the love-hate relationship he has with the city and with the city girl (Lydia).The song begins with him disliking New York City, until he meets Lydia and she becomes apart of his life.Alagia has worked with artists including Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock, Serena Ryder, Brett Dennen, Rachael Yamagata, Ben Folds and many others.In his early years, Alagia honed his recording and production skills with friend, Douglas Derryberry at Rutabaga Studios in Arlington, VA.As she leaves her belongs at his apartment and becomes more attached to John, to then explaining the day when he realized the relationship was over.