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Spring is here, and if you’re feeling down in the dumps about your single status, then look no further.Whatever you’re into, our resident dating expert Charly Lester has found something to put the spring back into your step!Once you’ve been asked to join by another member, and have passed the strict vetting process (users need to be ‘involved in decisions that run their business’), you can sit back as a dedicated ‘relationship manager’ crafts your profile for you.Each one incorporates work history, education, business interests and, er, inspirational quotes.‘London is our most important city,’ says the 60-year-old count. ‘Because we are a European brand with a European soul and London is the capital of Europe.’ Cost Free.

Revenue comes from subtle advertising and sponsored recommendations for services. Wachtmeister is far too discreet to say, but it’s thought there are several international Royals on the site.Wednesday March 4 The Joint – Meat & Greet Love a good piece of meat? The Joint aims to ignite the eternal flames of love, by plying you with slow-cooked pork, BBQ ribs, and complimentary cocktails. Pop Up Dating – VIP Professional Singles Party If you fancy yourself one of the elite, join 150 single ‘ VIP professionals’ (whatever that means) at private members’ club Home House. Speed Dater – Wine Tasting Whether you know your chablis from your shiraz, or you confuse merlot with malbec, all are welcome at this event, where you’ll sample six different wines, while a wine expert tells you more about what you’re drinking.Oh, and you’ll also meet some other single wine fans while you’re at it.The app has a waiting list of about 10,000 people in the UK, Bradford told Business Insider.Hours before launch, the company finalised a selection of 2,000 so-called "founding members," who will be able to use the app from Tuesday.The average age range is mid 20's - mid 40's with various nationalities (21 y.o. We also has a separate 3,500 mailing lists who have attended our events as a guest of a member.