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Bonjour, je viens d'acheter un téléphone alcatel versatis 630 voice.

Mais lorsque les gens m'appellent et me laisse un message rien ne reste sur le répondeur.

showing significant reduction in the number of MS relapses, the rate of disease progression, and the appearance of new lesions on MRIs among patients taking the pill.The medical and pharmaceutical communities expect this FDA approval to make Tecfidera a blockbuster drug. Canada recently gave it a seal of approval as well, and the drug is currently being examined for on-label use for MS in the European Union and Australia. Whether or not you could benefit from Tecfidera will depend on where you are in the process.According to a story in the , annual expected sales of this drug are expected to grow beyond its current market of over .5 billion in the U. If you already have a confirmed diagnosis of relapse-remitting MS, your doctor can tell you if you may be a good candidate for the drug.Tecfidera is not approved for official treatment of forms of MS other than relapse- remitting.De plus, je n'arrive pas à effacer les numéros composés. Merci à tous et bonne journéebonjour je n'arrivais pas a effacer les numeros composes a partir de mon versatis 630 voice alors je suis alle au magasin ou j'ai achete cet appareil: eux non plus n'arrivaient pas: j'ai eu la reponse en regardant le carton dans lequel se trouvait l'appareil en question...fait l'appareil en question conserve les 10 derniers numeros composes donc s'y a un nouveau numero compose il prend la place de son predessesseurcc, le problème est bete et simple.

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