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Windows XP is officially retired as of April 8, 2014.

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Downgrading is a huge hassle that requires having the proper "license rights", the purchase of Windows 7 Professional at 9 for the OEM version, or 9 for the full retail version, phoning home to Microsoft for permission to do what you want with your own computer, and then installing it.

The OEM version comes with no technical support; otherwise it's pretty much the same as the full retail version.

Windows XP Embedded is the componentized version of Windows you often associate with consumer electronics devices such as set-top boxes or appliances.

But Windows XP Embedded may have a place in your organization’s information technology lineup as well.

Although, until the 27th of this month, I will not use windows. The menu system wasn't a standard start menu but it did the trick for recovery and such.

It was not feature complete either, but it did the trick for my purpose.While it may not be the best XP Embedded is one of three small-footprint versions of Windows, along with Windows Embedded CE and Win­dows Embedded for Point of Service.Of the embedded Windows operating systems, only Windows XP Embedded offers the full functionality—or at least the potential for full functionality—of a Windows XP Pro­fes­sional client computer.and display a number of notifications if your product key isn’t kosher.There’s nothing wrong with still using XP, a number of staff here at Make Use Of have yet to budge in fact.Hi, there are applications I miss when I use linux, but I hate all the terrible eyecandy of XP, I just want the bare essentials, nothing more.