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I understand programming AIthat can play football must be hard, but scripting, rubberband AI,sliders, hidden sliders, and animations are not the answer.

Madden NFL 11 was the number one selling game in the US for the month of August, moving over 1.8 million units combined on Xbox 360 and PS3.It’s out now for PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, i Pad, and i Phone.Madden 09 is just NCAA 09in new packaging and some glitter to make it look better.For next year, please try to make a game that better reflects the NFL. ****************************************************************************** 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) * *****************************************************************************This is the most comprehensive controls section I've ever made, so you betterlike it.I hope they all match up with NCAA controls, as they are the same games, except for pump fakes and throwing away, which was TONS of fun to adjust to by the way.

Roster Downloads specializes in updating rosters for sports games such as NCAA 2013 Football, Madden, March Madness, 2K Series & MVP Baseball for XBox 360, Sony PS3, XBox, PS2 & Nintendo Wii released games. When you purchase a Madden game, you know you're going to be the beneficiary of 20 years of experience.Fine-tuned gameplay, top-notch player animation, extraordinarily detailed playbooks, and competitive multiplayer are all series staples.This year's Madden is just what you'd expect: It doesn't take a whole lot of chances with the formula that has proven so successful in the past.Improvements such as the additions of Cris Collinsworth as a commentator and a backtrack feature that points out and helps correct your mistakes make for a great football experience.I know there will be more than a few updates as the rosters settle.(8/21/08)*****************Table Of Contents*****************Use Ctrl F to quick find in this guide. I have been a loyal fan for manyyears, but other than crazy games against other gamers, I'm startingto understand why many people have long lost faith in the Madden franchise for not offering enough innovation.