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It also applies to other devices used for University business purposes, regardless of ownership or location. The updated version includes the following changes: Scanning for Personal Identity Information (PII) on Campus Systems Updated May 2015; originally issued April 2006.This document outlines authorities and requirements for scanning systems for personal information such as Social Security Numbers. The updated version includes the following changes: Digital Certificate Policy Appendix A Updated March 2015; originally issued January 7, 2010.Policies form the foundation of any security program.

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While this web page lists many university IT policies, it is not an exhaustive list.Regulations, policies and procedures are constantly evolving. Accurate, timely, relevant, and properly protected information is essential to the success of the University's academic and administrative activities. Supporting Policies, Review Documentation and Guidance Notes Information is a critical asset of Trinity College Dublin hereafter referred to as the University'.Laws, policies, and regulations not specific to information technology may also apply, e.g.: student conduct, personnel policy or contract, sexual harassment, chain letter laws, etc.

Introduction1.1 University of Greenwich information assets are valuable to its objectives.

Policy Review Cycle Updated February 2015 As-of February 2015, ITS is adopting UC's standard 5-year policy review cycle for all IT policies.

Significant changes related to a policy will trigger sooner review.

This can only be achieved if all staff and students observe the highest standards of ethical, personal and professional conduct.

Effective security is achieved by working with a proper discipline, in compliance with legislation and University policies, and by adherence to approved University Codes of Practice The Information Systems Security Policy and supporting policies do not form part of a formal contract of employment with the University, but it is a condition of employment that employees will abide by the regulations and policies made by the University from time to time.

The objectives of the Information Security Policy are:2.1 To ensure that University information assets are available when required to authorised users.2.2 To ensure that University information assets are adequately protected against unauthorised access, malicious or accidental loss, misuse or damage.2.3 To ensure that all users of University information assets are aware of and fully comply with this policy and supplementary policies, processes, standards, procedures and guidelines.2.4 To ensure that all users of University information assets understand their responsibilities for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of University information assets.2.5 To ensure that the risks to University information assets are appropriately managed.2.6 To ensure that information security incidents are resolved promptly and appropriately.2.7 To ensure that the University meets relevant audit and statutory requirements.2.8 To ensure there is an efficient disaster recovery plan in place.2.9 To protect the University from any legal liability resulting from information security incidents.3.1 The Information Security Policy and supplementary policies, processes, standards and procedures apply to all forms of information stored, used or processed by the University including but not limited to all paper records and information held on electronic devices.