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Since address book doesn't consider nickname as a name when sorting, contacts with no first/last name end up and the end of the address book as unnamed. I am 100% positive it does change address book entries as they almost immediately sync with my i Phone.

This hasn't happened before I set up i Cloud, but I am now not able to say wether it's the i Cloud or OS X 10.7.2 that changed this behaviour.

Right-click the address book on the left side, and select "New List".

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Given those negatives, why even consider wading into the water?• You're tired of regularly picking through piles of spams just to rescue the occasional legitimate e-mail that your spam filter inadvertently blocked.If you later decide that you don't want a contact that was automatically added, you can easily delete that entry or even shut off this automatic contact management feature altogether. Mail create a new address book entry for each new email recipient: You can also add any email's sender and recipients to your Yahoo! You can make changes to your address book like this: If you return to Step 1 in the previous section, you can see that there's an Actions menu when you're looking at your address book.This menu provides some additional things you can do with your contacts.Sending an e-mail to many people like this will probably fail.

E-mail service providers don't like people to do this because spam/junk could be sent this way.Learn how to create contacts and add Smart Groups to your Address Book.Address Book keeps all your contacts right at your fingertips Address Book allows you to enter all sorts of information about a person, including his or her email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, websites, chat names, names of the important people in his or her life (including spouse, partner, mom, dad, siblings, and assistant), and more.A contact group (formerly known as a distribution list) is a grouping of email addresses collected under one name.Now that the i Cloud works (almost) flawlessly on both my Mac Book Pro and i Phone I get annoyed by on my Mac which seems to update contacts in my address book on its own, without my request or approval.Just how many e-mail addresses you can send one e-mail to without a problem will depend on the policy of your e-mail service provider.