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A specter in the guise of the newly-dead CEO of Denmark Corporation appears to Hamlet, tells of murder most foul, demands revenge, and identifies the killer as Claudius, the new head of Denmark, Hamlet's uncle and now step-father.

Hamlet must determine if the ghost is truly his father, and if Claudius did the deed.

updating from 10 5 8 to 10 6-47

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Much of the software in Mac OS X was extensively rewritten for this release in order to take advantage fully of modern Macintosh hardware.It retailed for 9 Leopard was superseded by Snow Leopard (version 10.6).Leopard is the final version of Mac OS X to support the Power PC architecture as Snow Leopard functions solely on Intel based Macs.To buy time, Hamlet feigns madness; to catch his uncle's conscience, he invites him to watch a film he's made that shows a tale of murder.Finally convinced of Claudius's guilt, Hamlet must avenge his father.On August 28, 2009, it was released worldwide, and was made available for purchase from Apple's website and its retail stores at the price of US for a single-user license.