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Out of the box you could play hundreds of virtual console games, which are exact replicas of older titles for systems like NES, Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, and more.

The nice thing about the Wii, however, is that it not only has a lot of great games behind it, but with a few easy modifications, it can be turned into a simple DVD player.

Right-click on the SD card drive from My Computer or Windows Explorer and select “Format.” Change the file system option to FAT32, leave the rest of the settings at default, and then click Start.

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Next, simply run the Adobe Flash Uninstaller file, then click "Uninstall" to remove Flash from your system.

So I recently picked up a stealth Kingston 32gb flash drive for Wii U because i finally ran out of space.

When you consider that HTML5 is generally much faster and more secure, you start to realize that Flash has become obsolete.

Many sites these days default to Flash when the plugin is detected, but would otherwise render the same content over HTML5—so why risk your device's security in the first place?

This is great if you want to hand the Wii down to your kids and give them a child-friendly gaming platform, but also let them watch movies as well.

The Homebrew Channel (HBC) remains one the best and well-known console hacks in recent memory. If you have an old “un Brewed” Wii then there’s no time like the present to change that.If you're ready to take the leap, I'll show you how to uninstall Adobe Flash and push your browser into the modern HTML5 age below.You'll have to close any programs that could be using Flash, so make sure to fully exit Firefox, Internet Explorer, and/or Microsoft Edge before you begin.It’s really hard to brick a Wii this way, but it could happen. It’s simply what it sounds like, a channel, much like the Netflix or Nintendo e Shop.Roughly four years ago, Adobe decided to abandon development of the mobile version of their popular Flash Player browser plugin.Back in the Homebrew channel, launch the Wii Mod Batch. If you save them to the SD card, they can be launched via the Homebrew Channel.