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Instead of manually update your Facebook status / Fan Page Wall / Twitter with every new post you publish on your blog, this plugin does it for you.

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You will need the following things to setup your own web based Facebook and Twitter application in your own website: 1. You can also upload a small thumbnail image but this is not mandatory 2.

Next, enter the following details in the respective fields: Application website: Enter the URL of your website where you would be hosting this project.

Because Twitter messages can only be 140 characters long, pushing short Twitter messages to Facebook makes more sense than doing the opposite.

The simplest solution lies in Twitter's official Facebook app.

Follow these steps to get started: Step 1: Set up Twitter Text "Start" to 40404 (U. Once you confirm the message, your update will be posted.

You can now schedule your posts at On twittimer you have a lot of new features like the ability to add photos/video to your posts, plus posting to linkedin & pinterest, reposting, and content suggestions.If you make changes to those elements, Medium sends out the new information.Twitter re-scrapes the data after a few hours, but Facebook does not.Posting on each site manually will get old very, very quickly.The solution: Post a single message on both networks simultaneously!Do you want to create a branded Facebook and Twitter application which can be used to send status updates to your Twitter profile, Facebook profile, Facebook fan page from a branded application developed and hosted within your website ?