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Higher order executive functions require the simultaneous use of multiple basic executive functions and include planning and fluid intelligence (i.e., reasoning and problem solving).

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Now, again because of some client and internal work, we have researched the space again and updated the listing [1].

All new tools are marked with (new only means newly discovered; some had yet to be discovered in the prior listing).

The decision to narrow the focus was made because the need for the publication seemed to be primarily in the forensic context.

We hope the publication will be useful to clinicians, researchers, students, lawyers, and parents involved in legal and policy issues related to lesbian and gay parenting.

For purposes of determining whether a group's non-centrally cleared derivatives notional exceeds billion, the following rules apply: Once a counterparty becomes a Covered Entity, Covered FRFIs must exchange any applicable margin with that counterparty in accordance with this Guideline starting September 1 of the year in which it became a Covered Entity.

Transactions entered into prior to the required exchange of margin are not subject to the margin requirements of this Guideline.

See paragraph 9 and 10 below for more details on the applicability of this Guideline to trades with counterparties whose status vis-à-vis the definition of a Covered Entity changes over time.

Sovereigns, central banks, public sector entities, multilateral development banks eligible for a zero risk weight in the Capital Adequacy Requirements (CAR) Guideline, the Bank for International Settlements and central counterparties are excluded from the definition of a Covered Entity.

The 1991 publication was narrowly focused on providing an orientation to the research literature for psychologists doing child custody evaluations or giving expert testimony in court cases involving lesbian mothers.

In addition, the publication was also targeted for lawyers and parties in parental rights cases involving lesbian parents, as the information provided could assist them in being better informed about the potential role of psychological research or psychological witnesses in their cases.

This Guideline is based on the BCBS-IOSCO framework and establishes minimum standards for margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivative transactions undertaken by federally-regulated financial institutions.