Updating a select onclick

One of the problems with writing a manual about a moving object is that it's difficult to represent that movement on a written page, so where there is something animated occurring, I will provide all the code that I'm using so that you can try it at home and have an online version as well.

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To use this post in context, consider it with the others in the blog or just download the pdf and / or the examples from the downloads page:-) OK, you're going to enjoy this section.Mainly because it takes the traditional graph that we know, love and have been familiar with since childhood and adds in an aspect that that has been missing for most of your life. Seeing information represented in a graphical way allows leaps of understanding that are difficult or impossible to achieve from raw data.For most developers and designers, these shorthand methods will be all that they ever need to use.The j Query AJAX shorthand methods post, get, and load are featured in this chapter.AJAX, one of the hottest technology combinations to enter the Web development landscape in years, has fueled a surge in interactive Web design with its ability to load new content into an existing DOM structure.

The j Query AJAX shorthand methods are featured in this chapter.

But in this crazy ever-changing world, a static image is only as effective as the last update.

The ability to being able to have the most recent data represented in you graph and to have it do it automatically provides a new dimension to traditional visualizations. We'll add a button to our basic graph file so that we can control when our animation occurs, we'll generate a new data set so that we can see how the data changes easily, then we'll shuffle the code about a bit to make it do it's magic.

For the most part, this form would be used as in any other Django app, but since we're adding in a little Ajax, I include my javascript libraries (in this example, Prototype) in the same template as the form.

j Query simplifies using AJAX with several shorthand methods for the basic AJAX methods.

For example, suppose a form consists of two select elements, and the options in the second depends on the values selected in the first.