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The Christian personals services below are UK based and concentrate only on Christians so they’re not all mixed up with people who are not on your wavelength.

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Sessions and browser's tabs May you have noticed when you open your website in two or more tabs in Firefox, Opera, IE 7.0 or use 'Control N' in IE 6.0 to open a new window, it is using the same cookie or is passing the same session id, so the another tab is just a copy of the previous tab.

An opportunity to position a Christian organization as “contemporary and relevant” is how the creators of a series of ads for U. Christian dating site Christian Connection describe their new “Christians make better lovers” campaign.

Following a recent “atheist bus campaign” by the British Humanist Association featuring a poster (which declared “There’s probably no God.

Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”) a number of Christian groups responded accordingly, also via bus side ads, with slogans including: “There IS a God, BELIEVE.

Especially if you are living in the United Kingdom.

To search for other members all you need to do is register as a Standard Member yourself – except where the service is completely free.

Becoming a standard member of most sites allows you to access the website’s huge database of Christian singles in your local area – attractive people waiting to meet you today!! Heres a guide to UK dating services, value for money singles services based in England but serving the whole of Britain we believe.

Paid memberships are between £10 and £30 except where free depending on the service and the number of members you are looking for. :) FREE Christian Singles UK – run by Christians for single Christians free since 2000! Fusion is a totally and always free service – one of very few quality free personals sites on the Internet but has 100,000 members half of which are in the UK – the others are in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some also specialises in chat for Christians in general. Basically a directory of sites and services in the United kingdom – find many other useful resources for Christians here.

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Of course, it says so in the documentation ('Passing the Session Id') and of course it makes perfectly sense to have that restriction, but here's what happened to me: I have been using sessions for quite a while without problems.