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And in case anyone was wondering, Steifer's Valentine said 'yes.' Steifer, 39, has been teaching science at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio, for 17 years. "’Steifer and Barker made no secret of their blossoming romance, openly sharing photos on social media depicting the happy pair posing up with family.

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Those surveyed for the Census are asked about the occupation from which they make the majority of their income.We compiled and analyzed these responses to see how many people with a given occupation are married to others within the same industry.Then sometime last year, Barker and Steifer began dating. Speaking to ABC News, the groom-to-be said he knew his students have been suspecting that he and Barker were in a relationship, and some have even looked them up on Facebook.'There would be a brave kid that would make some comments like, “I heard you and Miss. Fellow fifth-grade teacher Kristine Gillespie had her phone camera at the ready when on February 14, Jason Steifer stood before his class, with Ally Barker at his side, and asked if they heard a rumor about him and ‘Miss Barker dating.’ All the students raised their hands.‘The answer is yes, we are dating,’ Seifert said, causing a pandemonium of whoops and cheers to erupt.Struggling to quiet down the overexcited students, Steifer went on to say that he and Barker were 'a little bit more than dating...Male teachers and flight attendants and female police officers and carpenters have an unusually high probability of finding someone with a similar job., conducted by the US Census Bureau, approximately 87% of all married Americans between the ages of 23 and 65 reported having an occupation; 60% of these people were married, and 89% of those married people also had a spouse that was working.

This amounts to over 40 million married couples in which both members have an occupation.

because I am completely in love with her.'As if on cue, the kids went berserk, screaming in delight at the top of their lungs and drowning out Steifer, who repeatedly pleaded with them to be 'quiet, please.'When he was finally able to make himself heard over the din of jubilant fifth-graders, the veteran teacher said: 'I was wondering if Miss Barker would like to become Mrs.

Seifert.'At that moment, he turned to the overwhelmed Barker, knelt before her and popped open a black ring box.

It shouldn’t have been surprising that Abbas Manjee and Melissa Giroux sometimes delivered coffee to each other’s classrooms. But their students always called attention to the gesture by suggesting that the two were in love.

“The kids would erupt in ‘oooooooooooooooohs,'” Manjee recalls.

of screaming after Seifert confirmed that he and Ms. Much to Barker’s surprise, however, Seifert wasn’t done there.