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It consisted of a primary couple, in which each partner had a secondary boyfriend.I met three of the four of the unit in Fire Island, although they were all based in the DC-metro area, where, in the gay community at least, there seems to be a growing number of unique arrangements involving more than two partners. For example, the primaries could have sex with each other or with their respective secondaries, but the secondaries could not have sex with each other or with their non-primary.

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But when she met her she claims she 'totally got it' and saw how it 'brought out a totally different side' of her husband.

Somebody out there has to get together with two friends they know really well and try this!

A married woman who has admitted to being in relationships with five different men at once - just one of whom is her husband - claims that the other men in her life have actually helped to strengthen her marriage.

Writing under the pseudonym of Lisa, the 34-year-old said she has been in a relationship with her husband for half of her life, but claims having other partners has improved rather than hindered their partnership.

If you feel like you two are drifting apart then you should probably call him/her up and try to set up at date er something<3ch other want to be together as much as possible,one would think.

Also after seven months things should be getting hotter as they're becoming closer.

But after he and I broke up, I heard he had tried to hook up with her on his own and she said no.

She and I have actually hung out since then and still make out and such. Because that’s what happens in like, movies, and I just need to confirm that’s how it is in real life.

I was really into him, I was pretty into her, and the next thing I knew the three of us were doing things like going out to dinner together, getting drinks together, going to parties together, and um… They never would’ve been a thing independently if I hadn’t come along. and because of this, he basically did end up getting to date her.

I’m not sure if it were a covalent bond or an ionic bond (if we’re talking science speak here), but I was definitely the electron being shared. The throuple itself ended up fading out, and he and I continued to date (just the two of us).

If two of your friends are dating, you can’t pick sides.