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If I do not answer your question here, feel free to e-mail me, but PLEASE make sure you've read this first!The Tenchi Skins The Masaki House The Tenchi Skins The skins were originally designed by Dov Sherman of Otakuworld.

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Of course this will more than requireyou be familiar with the anime series, or at least watch a few episodes on You Tube to get the general idea. is one the most well known harem titles, where at least two major characters fight for the love of the main character, Tenchi.

Why a dating sim has not been made before now, I do not know.

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She is half cat and half rabbit, hence 'cabbit', the name of her species.

Ryo-ohki's strength and defense (especially strength) starts out low but actually improves pretty good over time. His strength is superb and his defense makes him virtually impenetrable. You will have to play this game to find out all the juicy details.

With his trusty wooden sword in hand, he can easily defeat enemies in one mighty blow.

In addition to Tenchi's strength, he's also high in defense, and can take many blows.

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