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✓ Updated API to Snapchat v5 "Banquo" (should be faster and more reliable) ✓ Added WP8-native version ✓ Added toast notifications for new messages ✓ Added lock screen support (WP8 only) ✓ Fixed Live Tile support ✓ Improved friends management with a dedicated interface ✓ Added ability to view a friend's best friends and score ✓ Added recent friends on sending page ✓ Tap-to-focus on viewfinder ✓ Front-facing camera is now used by default (if available) ✓ Added support for emoji on the caption (WP8 only) ✓ Reduced text size to better match Snapchat's captions ✓ Added ability to reset password when login fails ✓ Fixed time setting not remembered between app launches ✓ Fixed faulty time zone conversions ✓ Fixed camera crashes when using hardware buttons ✓ Other minor improvements and bug fixes Please keep in mind that this app is not supported by Snapchat in any way and might break at any time.Please report any bug or unexpected behavior to [email protected] on Twitter @src_apps, and don't forget to say hi to teamsrcapps on Snapchat!free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe.This app connects with Snapchat and allows you to exchange pictures with i Phone and Android users.

* Take pictures, add captions, set a viewing time and send it to your friends! ), and see when they open your messages * Get notifications when you receive messages, and view your number of unread messages on the live tile What's new in Swapchat v1.3?

:-) The #1 unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone.

Snapchat is the most popular picture chatting app in the world.

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