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Work to remove the graffiti is already underway using a mild, gel-type architectural paint stripper, according to the NPS.The gel won’t affect the preservation of the memorial’s historic stone.Even with the foreign women being labeled as mail order brides these companies have grown in popularity for the past two decades, largely due to the internet.

Temporary Inspector Lindsey Stamp has investigated and said so-called “repeater signs”, highlighting the 30mph limit, “are expressly prohibited from restricted roads”, and when placed alongside street lighting, may make enforcement “difficult and challengeable”.

Insp Stamp said local councils appeared to have put up the repeater signs to re-enforce the 30mph limit, but the problem was “not necessarily a case of incompetence, but a highly complex subject with many different issues”.

For years, International Marriage Services had to live with the stigma of being referred to as Mail Order Bride services.

However, many consider the term “mail-order bride” derogatory and feel it demeans foreign women by comparing them to commodities for sale and falsely implying that (unlike local women), they exercise no judgment over the men they meet and would marry anyone from a relatively wealthy country.

In July 2013, the giant statue of the 16th president was splashed with green paint on the left pant leg.

reported that this was the first incident of vandalism on the monument since its dedication in 1922.

More recently, over the President’s Day weekend in February 2017, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and World War II Memorial, three of D.

SPEEDING motorists in villages across North Yorkshire could avoid prosecution due to a legal loophole, police have admitted.

Officials with the National Park Service (NPS) said the red spray paint appears to state “[expletive] law” on one of the memorial’s columns overlooking the National Mall.

Another instance in silver spray paint was also discovered on a Smithsonian wayfinding sign in the 1400 block of Constitution Avenue.

“Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made.” Elaine Gay, 67, has lived in Barton Close for 17 years. She said: “I came home from holiday on July 12 and all of the doors on my car had been scratched.