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They were smuggled on a bus traveling from Java to Bali.'Thrown into a pile the killers can be heard talking and laughing with no regard to the pain and suffering going on around them.Loving dogs treated as garbage instead of faithful companions who only wanted to be loved.'Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika was quoted saying that any stray dogs should be killed immediately as part of the 2009 rabies prevention bylaw.

On their first date, her Chihuahua, Hubbell, stole the man's breakfast as they drove from New York City to Long Island.

They only had one more date.'Having a theme that is ...

And in one shot, a female official can be seen smiling and taking photos of an animal just before it is put to its death.

The footage, which shows how innocent pedigree dogs are first held in cages and forced to watch in fear as they await their horrific fate, has been condemned by animal activism group PETA, describing the scene as 'slaughter'.

This little guy has played with Leonardo Di Caprio, and can't even get his time in the spotlight.

VIDEO: Katy Perry Ranks Her Exes Based on Bedroom Abilities I want to bring YOU to one of my favorite places... We'll catch some waves, grab lunch and get to know each other better.

But since the split, the Pirates actor starting having Mighty appear on his Instagram feed.

The little guy has accompanied his owner everywhere from L. to New York and even Japan, and yet he still keeps getting misidentified as his doggie doppelgÀnger.

You might even get to hang with Mighty đŸ¶ All for a good cause. Go to the link in my bio or head to omaze.com/orlando to enter.

A post shared by Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom) on P. If Nugget looks familiar to you, it's probably because Perry is a self-described “collector of miniatures”—back in 2014, she welcomed a different red pup named Butters into her family.

Orlando Bloom has been the victim of a lot of fictitious articles (at least according to his mom, who has been sending out his résumé to every national newsroom in Britain) but, IMO, the most egregious mistake has to do with his little dog, Mighty.