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According to Shawnna, that was just a facade done out of the belief in loyalty.

Behind the scenes issues over lost million dollar deals, allegations of owed money, and contract disputes actually forced a not-so-friendly divide between DTP and the “Gettin’ Some” performer, but both sides still kept the drama in-house. The dark side of the industry became so hard to deal with that she says it killed her passion to make music.

At first, Mariah intended to sample Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Firecracker” for “Loverboy”.

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John Danni Ashe Danyel Cheeks Daphne Daphnee Lynn Duplaix Darby Lloyd Rains Darcy De Moss Darian La Quoix Darla Crane Darla Derriere Dascha Davia Ardell Dawn Dawn Burning Dawn Devine Dawn Phoenix Dayton Rains Deanna Brooks Debbie Anson Debbie Does Debette Debi Diamond Debi Johnson Deborah Driggs Deborah Wells Debra Lynn Dee Dee Dee Reeves Deelicious Milano Deena Duos Deidre Holland Deja Deja Blew Delaney Daniels Delia Delilah Dawn Demi Fairbanks Demi Rhodes Demi Willis Denise Stevens Denni O.received mixed critical reactions, with many not impressed with its prominent sample, and others claiming that it was ‘creatively stunted’.

Odell Beckham and his gloriously happy feet have allegedly moonwalked over Pilar Sanders’ way and there’s a video floating around as “proof.” If you believe the folks over at #Odell Beckhamjr #Pilar Sanders in #Paris at #Drake Concert #together #Prime Time #Couple?

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Hailey Davidson Haley Hunter Haley Starr Halli Aston Halo Hanna Harley Raines Harmony Grant Haven Hayley Lynn Heather Hart Heather Hunter Heather Kozar Heather Lee Heather Lere Heather Lyn Heather Lynn Heather St.

[Intro] Yeah Yeah, Oooh Candy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Ah) Uh huh uh huh baby (x3) I wanna (x4) I need a (x4) A lover (x6) A loverboy for me [Rap: Ludacris] Man, is it the glitter on her breasts, or the gloss on her lips? I'm lost in the mix, so I floss in the sea Turning out the hits, so I'm exhausted in it [Rap: Shawna] Now baby it's the mo' maker, dough chaser Now get it right, would ya, heartbreaker?

I keep it tight but I'm no faker You can laugh now but ya'll cry later [Rap: Ludacris] I think I like you in ya freak clothes Freak those, in my specialized peep shows And then I'll make you touch ya knees to ya elbows Toes, girl from the street of Melrose [Rap: Shawna] It's clear to see I like it when we smoke that Smoke, choke that, I'm so freak (no doubt) You kinda got me like a free when you roll out Now get your boys from our girls, you can roll at [Verse 1: Mariah] I got myself a lover who knows what I like When he invites me over I come every time And when my sugar daddy takes me for a ride Whatever way we go it's delirium time [Pre-Chorus] He's all mine and his lovin' makes me high Like a taste of ecstasy All I need is him to be my loverboy [Chorus] Loverboy, c'mon and love me Give me more, touch me and touch me I enjoy the way you rock me all night long Loverboy, c'mon and take me Only you know how to make me Shudder with anticipation all night long [Verse 2: Mariah] I got myself a lover and he's so sublime It's quite a bit of heaven to feel him inside Cause when my sugar daddy takes me for a ride Whatever way we go it's delirium time [Pre-Chorus] I get weak when his candy kisses sweet-ly Caress my whole body All I need is him to be my loverboy [Chorus] Loverboy, c'mon and love me Give me more, touch me and touch me I enjoy the way you rock me all night long Loverboy, c'mon and take me Only you know how to make me Shudder with anticipation all night long [Rap: 22] Come on, yeah Well I'm kind of innocent A vision of love You adore me, even though my image is thug [Rap: Da Brat] What I see in you is for my eyes only to see I bring out the freak in you up and down on me I'm your lovergirl [Rap: 22] Me your loverboy But when we roam alone we come touch toys Making noise, we can't avoid [Rap: Da Brat] The way I throw that Can't pop, backdrop, stopwatch Brat-tat, get ya more rock, hard up All of the things you wanna do to me, you wanna We can get obscene, my cream and you're ding-a-ling mingle Bother me not, when the sensation come out [Rap: 22] Because I'll make you scream Uh huh uh huh baby Feel me, when I pump the pump lady Remind me we can be close like family You're so sweet, you taste like all types of candy Starburst to jellybeans [Rap: Da Brat] Banana split my dairy queen, butterfinger my tangerines Chickens only taste my loverboy in they dreams Here, all my ladies let me hear you scream: HATE ON ME AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO YOU CAN'T DO WHAT THE FUCK I DO BITCHES BE EMULATING ME DAILY (Daily) HATE ON ME AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO YOU CAN'T BE WHO THE FUCK I BE BITCHES BE IMITATING ME LATELY (Loverboy!

Chuck Taylor from Billboard wrote off the song as ‘self-sabotage’.

[Hook (x2)] [Verse 2: Shawna] I'mma send a chapter to this pussy poppin legacy Shawna be that Bitch can't no bitches come fuck wit me When I pop that cris im on that business and bubbly When im in that 6 wit 20s spinin on luxury Cuz I got that head game Fuckin up that bed frame But don’t get me wrong now shawty gon’ let that led hang Better learn that game shawty Better get yo’ man shawty Foe he endup tamed and be gone all in the brain shawty This here be futuristic This business so explicit The way I brake it down for you bitches its so exquisite Let it go now front back watch me drop it like that Show me where that money at Boy come wit them 100 stacks Now break in wit that pussy poppin That pussy droppin to the flo' And got these niggas slobbin' he wantin mo' Wit out that doe popi ain't nuttin happen Cuz that’s the show im from the go u get that pussy poppin Stopin that pussy dropin GONE [Hook (x2)] [Verse 3: Lil' Fate] Every time we hit the club We at least 50 deep Smokin' purple, pourin' grichi got everybody keed At the club 7 days a week find DTP off in this bitch That ho!

Apparently, Shawnna has made some claims that insiders are saying simply aren’t truth.

Well, apparently – my sources tell me – that Shawnna and only Shawnna own Shawnna’s music publishing.

Audacious on his rhymes and indulgent with his appetites, Ludacris may flaunt the cartoonish side of his personality, but he isn't just another unreconstructed Southern rapper.