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His desire is to help guide you in living out a balanced and healthy lifestyle - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Sean helps people from all backgrounds, including religious and non-religious belief systems.

Thomas, 19, was driving a 2009 model Mitsubishi Eclipse south on the ...

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This page lists public record sources in Ashley County, Arkansas.Additional resources can be found on our Arkansas State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above.Lincoln Riley said he pulled off one of the most amazing athletic feats he'd ever seen.Bill Bedenbaugh helped mold him into an All-American offensive lineman despite ...In fact, there are several cities in Arkansas that are purported to be extremely LGBT friendly.

Check out our list of the best towns in Arkansas for an LGBT couple or family.

When you think LGBT family-friendly states, you likely don’t think of Arkansas first.

Arkansas may reside smack in the middle of America’s Bible Belt, but that doesn’t mean it is less progressive, tolerant, and open-minded than its Northern sisters.

Not to mention that sex drive varies, naturally, among people.

The first important thing to remember is that libido always ebbs and flows, and there’s no “normal” standard to compare yourself to.

Goodwin of Crossett has been an educational consultant to the Pulaski County Special district, the state Department of Education and other organizations.