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They started their summer vacations before the Atlantic City Expressway opened in 1964, and ahead of the Garden State Parkway's completion in 1957.

"I grew up with parents trying to figure out the back way to avoid part of the Garden State Parkway by going through, parallel, and over it," says Kathryn Quigley, 44. From Deptford, it makes no sense to go that way," she said.

I live with my mum so I can't make much noise and can't leave my room.

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Her family drove from Northeast Philadelphia to Stone Harbor along a route that included "the TAC" (i.e. Quigley starts by heading onto Route 55 south until it turns into Route 47.

the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge), a "restaurant with a triangle-shaped roof, and the bathrooms were out back." Now Quigley lives in Deptford, but she still takes the backroads, albeit of the Route 55 to Route 47 variety, with a few twists and turns. From there, she has two options: continue taking Route 47 or head on to Route 347, which leads back into Route 47.

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Our searches show 431 licensed alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs within Maryland – the "Chesapeake State".