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Some members enter a new phase in their relationship with ADB as defined under the Classification and Graduation Policy.

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Layanam is the story of the sexual relationship between an older woman and a young man. This is when Nandu tells his story, in a flashback. Abilasha gets angry and tells Smitha what the neighbours are saying about Nandu. Smitha's ex-husband who everyone thought was dead returns home and Smitha is shocked.A boy, Nandu, is on the run for no fault of his own. After the car goes some distance, Smitha tells the boy that she knows that he was hiding. Smitha tells him that he need not be worried if he's not made any mistake. Guys in her neighborhood tease her, telling her if she needs any company in the night she can call any of them. When her legs and breasts touch Nandu, he gets disturbed. Nandu tells Smitha that she is getting a bad name because of him, and he also wants to leave, which is when Smitha tells her flashback. The later part of the story is about what happens then.(If you want to impress them even more, you can try to speak in your best Malayalam accent!) This is a rather formal greeting, and it is not usually used between friends, relatives, or acquaintances. " In Asia, it's very common to ask whether you've eaten or bathed.Some days later Smitha sees Nandu in a temple and comes to know that he is an orphan. She was married to a soldier but before their first night he was killed during his duty. In the end, Nandu commits suicide, and seeing this, Smitha falls to her death.

Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is defined as an activity under which young Muslim boys and men are said to reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

In 2012, after two years of investigation against a website into their allegations of love jihad, Kerala Police declared it as a "campaign with no substance".

Subsequently, case was initiated against the website.

The present generation of Malayalam actresses who are dazzling beauties and going places in Malayalam films as well as in other South Indian language films are hot Nayantara, Asin, Meera Jasmine, cute Kavya Madhavan, Abhirami, sensuous Samyukta Varma, talented Mamta Mohandas, Padmapriya, buxom beauty Gopika, beautiful Bhavana, hot Navya Nair, Vimala Raman and several others.

Hot Nayanthara who made her debut in Malayalam films ‘‘ starring Jayaram in 2003 went on to become one of the top actresses in South Indian language films starring alongside the likes of Mohanlal, Mammootty in Malayalam films, Rajnikanth, Sarathkumar, Surya in Tamil films, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Prabhas & Ravi Teja in Telugu films.

The film stars Silk Smitha, director and producer Dhananjay Ghatole, Devishri, and Nandu (brother of Malayalam actress Urvashi).