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The range is being used like database with 6 column fields.

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which obviously isn't working because the screen updates a whole lot afterwards. I almost wish this were more complicated; the fact that everything looks so simple is making it difficult to think of what could possibly be happening! So this morning application.screen Updating was working as expected. The test code that I wrote is below: Sub test() Debug. One thing that seems to be common among those modules not working, is that they all contain code that changes worksheets. In any case, it's a real mystery why this happens from one day to another!

I started to debug, and immediately after the "Screen Updating = false" line executes, I go to the immediate window and type: Debug. Any clues on how to solve it would be greatly appreciated. Screen Updating = True End Sub _________________________________________________________ Private Sub Check_for_Open_Workbook() Application.

What I am really trying to do is define the range wit these two values. They are limited to only using predefined letters, or printing each letter individually for every customer. Order By0n = True End Sub -- Message posted via Access create a data table from an imported graph I use Excel 2003, I have a graph send by email with all the values on the graph line. pieter Have a look at the shareware program Grab It wishes -- Bernard V Liengme ca/people/bliengme remove caps from email "pieter V" I use Excel 2003, I have a do self-defined regression in excel? The Analysis Tool Pak - VBA addin has a regression function and probably everything else you want.

Error received when users attempt to use a custom letter: -------------------------------------------------- Unhandled script exception: Cannot find report "COL_Reminder_Upcoming Due". I like to make a table of all the data on the graph line, but I have not found a way to do that. Hi, I want to do regression ananlysis in excel using a sigmoid function, which is not offered in the general 6 functions in excel(by adding trendline). Tools functions in excel(by the most efficient way to move data across network?

In the meantime, I have done a lot of posting to forums of sorts. This board utilizes v Bulletin software and is laid out very nicely.

An add-in which was great, which I can’t remember the name of, allowed me to print out my VBA code as an HTML file, so I could view the code as it looked in the VBIDE. I could now review my code keep it as a hard copy for backup! Formulas, GUI controls, sorting, pivot tables and charts, filtering, formatting, calculations, search/find, multiple worksheets that can pass data between them, naming cells or groups of cells, and more. That increases the power and flexibility of Excel maybe ten or even a hundred fold. But learning Visual Basic and how it interacts with Excel is yet another large learning curve. Color = RGB(0, 0, 255) End With Set rng Links = global Wksht. - If select "Customize Ribbon"in the left margin, a list of what is on the Main Tab for the menubar appears. Move the Excel window and the VBA Editor window so that both can be seen. " & vb Cr Lf & "Hit OK to filter it on Sales Min-Max Criteria range of " & min Criteria & "-" & max Criteria lo. It is a large learning curve to become proficient at it and even to know what it is capable of doing. But once you know it, it is easy to fall into that old trap of thinking similar to the analogy of You Are A Hammer and See Everything as a Nail. Column Width = i Column Widths '-------------------------------------------------------- ' ACTIVATE ANY FORMULAS THAT ARE FOR HYPERLINKS, AND MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE A LINK If Left(UCase(s Hyperlinks Activate), 1) = "Y" Then With Application. Range("A1:" & s Col Ltr & l Row) ' the simple act of replacing something in the link will activate the link rng Links. Value,5) = "TOTAL" Then ' if row is a TOTAL line (merged cells) then ccell. Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) ' set the text of the total value to be RED ccell. This part is really cool...can click button "New Tab" at the bottom and add your own menubar item. The Excel window only needs to show 8 rows and 14 columns (column N). In the VBA Editor window, click anywhere between the "Sub" and "End Sub". Notice the little right-pointing arrow in the left margin. Apply ' Filter on values between a certain range min Criteria = 500 max Criteria = 1800 Msg Box "Full table showing, sorted on District (col. I finally had enough with my procrastination and I added the code yesterday, tested today, and am now uploading to share with the world. There is also some minor modifications to keep it as the font you have set in your VBE options. Select '/// Add a shape which will act as an update for the TOC sheet With WS. When I first starting really getting into VBA, it was pretty invaluable to me to be able to read over my code. Some of these add-ins were (a list of which can be found here) Colo’s HTMLMaker, Excel Jeanie 4, ASAP Utilities, etc. A few years ago I asked Juan Pablo González, original developer of the VBHTMLMaker add-in (amongst other collaborators) if I could amend his add-in.