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Freddie visits her to find out that she can't handle her mixed feelings of love and hate for him.Freddie, on an i Carly webcast live from the mental institution, reveals that even though Sam likes him and is in denial about it, his feelings are important, too.In "i Pilot", Carly takes the heat for one of Sam's pranks and has to oversee people who want to be in the school's talent show.

[everyone looks round all confused] When we show dad the cake he say "Well, why aren't the candles lit?

" and then Carly will say "Well what do you mean the candles aren't lit?

The series was created by Dan Schneider, who also serves as executive producer.

(Miranda Cosgrove) starts as a 13-year-old girl who lives with her older brother, Spencer, in Seattle, Washington.

Why don't you two just pick up your forks, and use them to jab each other in the eyes?! Christopher: Now, if you were excited about seeing a good guest tonight, you'll have to wait a bit longer, 'cause up next, is Nathan Kress. [turns away from the camera towards the camera crew] Uh, who is he? [sits down] The word 'sorry' doesn't even begin to express how terrible I feel for.. People who I only wanted to respect me, [Gibby begins to get out his fake head but Sam then makes him put it away] to like me, and to except me as a person and a chicken lover.

[brings everyone round the table of food, and takes of the foil from the food]Spencer: Don' touch me, your dirty." and then I'll press this button, and-Sam: Getting stuff. A cute boy is gonna be here any minute and I'm all wrinkled like an elderly raisin!! [starts getting things out of her school bag] Here's a wig for you, [puts a wig on Carly's head] and a wig for you. Carly's best friends are Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Gibby Gibson.Carly lives in the "Bushwell Plaza" in apartment 8-C with her funny, often careless, artist brother Spencer Shay.The Nickelodeon sitcom i Carly centers on Carly Shay, who creates her own web show with her best friends Sam and Freddie.