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Yet the somewhat clumsy official messaging, plus the release of an update that reportedly caused crashes, has created confusion for Microsoft users.Windows Live Mail is an email program that can be used to access various email accounts, including Microsoft ones such as @hotmail,, @msn and @live addresses.Apple removed the Windows Live Messenger app from the App Store shortly before Microsoft began the change to Skype.

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Up until about four week ago, I used Windows Live Messenger almost exclusively.

That was until Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s “Messaging” integration drove me insane with the lack of control on updates and disabling the ability to send group messages on other computers also signed in.

Before you can get started, you must download the IM client software using these step-by-step instructions: Next, you will be prompted to run the Facebook Messenger for Windows installer on your computer.

You will see either a dialogue box or a web browser alert asking if you either want to run or save the installation file, titled "Facebook Messenger " Click "Run" to begin installation without downloading the installer program or click "Save" to download the file directly to your PC if you intend to download Facebook Messenger for Windows later. Once run, installation of Messenger for Windows can take a few minutes depending on computer and Internet speed.

Because I had been more actively using Skype over the past year (after Microsoft bought it), I started using Skype for instant messaging as well.

To my surprise, it’s now become my default instant messaging client and here’s just a few reasons why I would recommend others to switch too.

Then, enter your text in the field provided and hit "Enter" to send your instant message.

Microsoft has notified users of its numerous email services that they will no longer be able to use the Windows Live Mail email client without installing an update.

However, it will not be as simple as changing your client to use Skype instead of Windows Live Messenger.

The Skype plug-in for Pidgin only allows you to chat with your Skype buddies while Skype is already open and running in the background.

Messenger was a chat client that businesses could use to stay in contact with employees, clients and other businesses.