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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

He most likely pawned some of his “jewelry” now and then as his fortunes declined.

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The bolt is of 3-piece construction, brazed together (head, body and bolt handle).The receiver is milled from round cross-section steel.The bolt face is recessed, fully enclosing the base of the cartridge, The extractor is a C-clip sitting within the bolt face.The ejector is a plunger on the bolt face actuated by a coil spring.There is a small slot visible on that side and that is where the pawl looks like something (pawl spring) could attach to rotate the firing pin. On oddballs like this, it is often fastest to find another... Production changes make things even more interesting..

After two months , several hours searching the net and talking to several gunsmiths I came up with a parts list and diagram for this derringer. One very experienced Smith said "Should be easy enough to make the missing parts, Plan on making them over 3-4 times and you'll be fine". 3 parts were missing one being only a flat spring (#17).

The other two being #12 and #16 would have been cake had there been dimensions.

4 tries on the #12 part yielded the one shown in the pic and the #16 part only needed a lot of careful filing and fitting. Needless to say this was not a profitable adventure.

Remington records indicate that some 150,000 of these guns were manufactured between 18. Nickel plated models sported ivory or mother-of-pearl grips.

They often come with a 3-, 4- or 5-round internal magazine depending on caliber, some of which have a floor-plate for quick-unloading, and some of which are "blind" (with no floor-plate).

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