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After the match, Abby Wambach ran to the stands and kissed her wife, Sarah Huffman.There are pictures of Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell making out (and more) and yet they still get called “gal pals.” Such language effectively trivializes the relationships in question and strips the women involved of their sexuality.

Meleana Shim, the youngest out player on this list (she’s 23), came out in an Out interview in 2013 saying that “[She is] very gay.” She is incredibly active as a volunteer in the community, and even states that she is a lesbian on her Athlete Ally profile.Perhaps Christian blogger Glennon Doyle Melton knows this, and that’s why she decided to share a cute pic with her new girlfriend, Abby Wambach.Being an out lesbian soccer/football player in 2015 has to be a lot easier than it was ten, even five years ago.She is also an ambassador for , a nonprofit focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports.Using “gal pals” and “friend” is also a way to erase queer sexuality.

Yet the media continues to pretend that queer women are asexual friendship machines.

It doesn’t look like she’s playing club level anymore, but you can always google her to see more photos.

There is more acceptance in women’s sports than ever before (though we still aren’t quite where we should be).

This was particularly evident on Sunday night after the U.

I sat watching with my family, and my son said, “I didn’t know Abby Wambach was a lesbian!

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