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This term has been used in many different and contradictory ways.

I remember the first time I told a Latino friend that I was a feminist.

He stared at me with a confused glance and ask Que es eso?

Where to try it: Peru-born chef Mitsuharu Tsumura has given Nikkei the haute cuisine treatment at Maido: his glorious 15-step tasting menu earned him a spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2015.

Highly versatile and revered by people with celiac disease given that it's a tasty substitute for wheat, this superfood grows in the Puna and Andean regions, finding its way into any number of dishes such as tamales, soup, picante de quinua stew, and solterito salad.

These men often revel in their ability to make gringa’s annoyed.

However, machismo becomes increasingly more dangerous once the sun goes down and alcohol is added to the mix.

The downfalls are clashes in culture, at times feeling alienated, and missing the customs and comforts of my own city. That is because the ideologies of South American men and woman are very different then the dating principles we are used to back at home.

I am an avid supporter of mixed-raced relationships.

García's vision was to collect artifacts from all of Peru's many past civilizations and unite them into one collection in order to encapsulate the country's cultural variation.

The National Museum project was part of a wider government policy attempting to reduce conflict among different ethnic groups by creating a sense of Peruvian cultural unity and shared national identity.

It turns out that the game of love hasn't always been as easy as creating your online dating profile or "putting a ring on it". However, if you’re a guy reading this and you’re thinking that the Japanese men have got it easy, be warned that exactly one month later, the Japanese celebrate a similar follow-up holiday called "White Day".