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Contractors often fly into Western Australia from homes elsewhere for fast cash.

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A blade had sheared off an engine, the captain told passengers at one point, according to Perth Now.

Brenton Atkinson told the broadcasting station he looked out at the window and could see the engine rattling on the wing.

In any event, an early report from the loudspeaker could not have done much to reassure passengers.

“I was crying a lot,” Sophie Nicolas told Australia’s ABC.

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The news comes after a Chinese national arrested attempting to post bobtail lizards to Hong Kong was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday.

Now he searches for and helps homeless veterans in Western Australia.

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Now, as residents have become richer, gleaming skyscrapers have sprung up in the business district alongside hip cocktail bars and swanky restaurants.

The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” blares on the sound system.

Less than three years earlier, another Air Asia flight crashed into the Java Sea and killed everyone on board, the result of a faulty rudder control system.