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To me, sex and God were polar opposites to one another. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent way too many years of my life conflicted in sexual shame, whilst at the same time “Basically, our culture still gives women only two options: you can be a virgin, or a slut.Sex was dark, chaotic and dirty and God was light, peaceful and pure. And actually, the slut inside every woman is the real virgin. We parade around all day in our buttoned up corporate suits, or in sexless PTA meetings followed by Mommy and Me classes, carefully maintaining a lack of sensual aliveness in our daily lives…

Then it would suddenly dawn on them that they had to stick it in something with a pulse (in order to obtain enjoyment).

Luckily human females seemed the obvious ones to try as they would be more willing and most attractive to the male (those who stupidly tried with animals, e.g.

Guest Writer Jennifer Kass outlines how to know if you're not setting healthy boundaries in a relationship, plus three crucial steps for becoming your own best advocate.

What else can ruin a first date besides bad breath? Researchers analyzed speed-dating interviews and found several factors that predict a lack of connection.

There have been laughable dates, periodic tears, and lots of people who feel sorry for her.

Here’s how one Greatist writer learned to cope with being single when (almost) everyone else her age had already paired off.

Sessions are more about feelings than sex positions.

“Clinical sexology” might sound like I know every sex position under the sun, but what I do is actually pretty similar to couples’ therapy.

To remove someone from a group conversation:- Go to the conversation- Click on the gear Options menu- Select Edit Participants / Click on their profile pic and Remove.- From the menu, click Remove next to the name you want to delete This person will be notified and no longer receive messages from the conversation.

A knee orgasm is achieved by placing all fingers in the middle of the knee, then dragging each outwards at the same time.

Being a clinical sexologist is all talk, no action. When I was single, this came up all the time — men assumed I had no boundaries, that I was totally uninhibited, or that I did it all the time.