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All five of them are now living in their respective spouse’s home countries. They all have cute kids and are living in their own houses.

This is a thread for questions directed at me and to log my dates and other social experiences.

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I go out on my fair share of dates and try to do a lot socially so I will document my adventures here for you all to read and react to.

I will also answer any questions about dating, relationships, or basically anything else I have at least a limited number of experience with.

She’s married to an Australian chef and they have settled down in Australia.

I can’t help but be amazed at how they met – online!

The internet has really gone a long way from the wonky dial-up to the lightning speed of LTE. I have female friends who, after confessing to having had enough of real-world dating, have tried online dating to meet their perfect mates.

With the advent of smart phones and gazillion apps that go with them, everybody seems to be living an online life. Five out of my six female friends who tried online dating found their prince charmings and got married.I try to answer most questions from a more psychological angle because that is where my work lies, however I will do my best to explain my logic.I will not be posting pictures of any girls I am meeting up with or dating. is tonight (10/13) with a 9/10 girl I met at my football game this past Saturday.At this event, you’ll learn about modern cybercriminals and their evolving tactics, the tools you can use to keep your people, platforms, and devices safe, and much more.Source: Virtual Security Summit An announcement is anticipated on Monday at the global summit meeting on climate in Paris, as Mr.The goal of this date and every first date moving forward is to establish inside jokes, learn more about their dreams and what makes them tick, and get to know my dates as people.