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According to Ed Rooney in his phone call to Ferris’ mom, Ferris was absent nine times his senior year.Nine is also the number of times Ferris changes clothes before ever leaving the house.5.It’s the movie which made Matthew Broderick the coolest guy on the planet, got everyone dancing to The Beatles’ Twist and Shout again, and gave younger viewers a masterclass in how to bunk off school, and today (June 11) it celebrates its 30 anniversary. Director John Hughes claims that he had Matthew Broderick in mind for the lead role when writing the screenplay, but the future Mr.

The couple live in Los Angeles, where they share a teenage daughter Amelia Jane Henson and live with her son Dashiell Quinn Connery, from her previous marriage to Jason Connery.The New York native, met the son of Sean Connery on the set of Bullet to Beijing and the pair were married for six years before divorcing in 2002.Of all the movies on late writer/director John Hughes’ impressive resume, it seems that his 1986 comedy hit ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ has the most staying power.Ferris, played Matthew Broderick, actually made his return in a 2012 Super Bowl Commercial, and over the past few years there has been quite a bit of debate over whether the high school senior who played hooky is a proper film hero or a self-indulgent, over-privileged jerk.Mom), there’s also a nod to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off itself (4FBDO). It was quoted by a First Lady Ferris Bueller not only permeated pop culture, it permeated the world of politics.

During a commencement address at Wellesley College in 1990, First Lady Barbara Bush paraphrased the film to a rapturous respone: “Find the joy in life, because as Ferris Bueller said on his day off, ‘Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it! Ferris’ parents married in real life Lyman Ward and Cindy Pickett, who played Ferris’ mum and dad Tom and Katie, first met on the set and shortly after married for real.

At the time of the film’s release, Broderick was 24, Jennifer Grey was 26, while Alan Ruck, who landed the role of best friend Cameron after Emilio Estevez turned it down, was 29. Ferris had a brother and another younger sister Played by Jennifer Grey, long-suffering sister Jeannie proves to be one of the few characters immune to Ferris’ charms. Hughes also filmed scenes featuring a younger brother and another younger sister, only for them to be entirely removed from the final cut. The number plates were movie-themed Several car number plates featured in the film reference John Hughes’ earlier classics.

Alongside VCTN (National Lampoon’s Vacation), TBC (The Breakfast Club) and MMOM (Mr.

While she previously told Total Film: “I’m mostly retired,” Sara hasn’t quite turned her back on the film industry yet.

She was last seen heading up low-budget independent film Pretty Pretty in 2013 and in the 2012 picture Dorothy and the Witches of Oz - a unofficial sequel to the 1939 classic tale The Wizard of Oz.

Although she has said her priorities right now are as a poet and a mother.