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An enema can be used as part of play, (Doctor/patient, nurse/patient) punishment, humiliation, discipline training or preparation for anal play.

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Before inserting the nozzle, be sure to let the air out of the tube by releasing the clamp and letting the fluid run to the end of the tube.

The Nozzle is a cylinder device ¼ to ½ inches in diameter, and usually between 6 and 12 inches long. Temperature of fluid: Luke warm water (90 to 95 degrees F) is also the most often used temperature.18 Big Dicks Pictures - Chantel Moreno, a hot italian stallion ... Women Mature Porn with Older men with big dicks and middle-age couples pics ... All persons accessing and/or subscribing to this site must be 18 - Hung Male: men with big dicks Hung A free gay gallery site with beautiful nude amateurs / escorts / models / pornstars. - Muscled Straight Men: Lean hard bodies and huge cocks, these ...A whole new slant with lots of enema action, followed by some fisting and hard anal fucking! A lot of these photos have rich tones in them with soft hues. I could bore you to death with the details but instead I will just throw up some great content and let you judge for yourself. His work represents the yin of the fetish similar to musical enthusiasts who prefer the almost tactile sound of the vinyl analog over the sharpness of digital recordings. BASIC enema instruction for use in slave training: Water, milk, water and milk, salt and milk are the basic enemas used.