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New England saddler Mark Dawson is one of the youngest craftsmen in Australia who can still make a traditional stock saddle.And now he’s been asked to put his skills to the test, to make a saddle for a new museum opening in Melbourne designed to showcase some authentic saddles made by the very best craftsmen from across the country.“The traditional stock saddle has gone out a bit in the last 10 to 15 years and there’s not that many people who still no how to make them,” Mr Dawson told Fairfax Media.“The saddles that we make these days are actually a cross between the American saddle and the Australian saddle and it has really taken over.”Mr Dawson learnt the art of saddlery in Glen Innes at a place called WA Dibley in 1979.“I left school was I was 14 and got an apprenticeship to a guy called Steve Pollard,” he said.“Dibleys was there for about 90 years but in all that time they only trained two apprentices – the guy that taught me and me.”Making a traditional stock saddle is a bit more difficult than today’s saddles.“You start with a saddle tree which is the frame,” he said.“You put webbing on the tree which suspends the seat above the tree just a little bit which gives it a shock absorbing effect.“The knee pads are made primarily out of boot sole leather and harness leather which are all tacked together, covered and sewn in.“The leather is English bridle leather …The suit claims that Dawson, who ironically is a safe dating expert, took "several nude photographs of her, including one taken without her knowledge of her engaged in a 'particularly private, intimate sexual act,'" and distributed those photos on My Space, as well as to her mom.

Richt offered no explanation as to why Dawson is no longer with the team, saying that he can "just verify that." This marks the fourth defensive back who has left or been kicked off the team in the past year, as former Bulldogs Tray Matthews, Josh Harvey-Clemons and Shaq Wiggins all either elected to transfer or were removed from the team due to disciplinary issues.

Richt did not indicate whether or not Dawson's removal was voluntary or involuntary, nor did he say whether or not his leaving the team was related to discipline.

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Until then, we'll keep enjoying stories like this one from Tampa.

Melissa Berry, a player in the Lingerie Football League, is suing her ex-boyfriend Mark Dawson after he distributed nude photos of her online.I believe that's how Mike Vrabel got his start as well.Needless to say, both sides disagree on what happened.Check them out online The advantage of everyone living their lives online now is that you’ll be able to verify a person’s identity before you meet them by looking them up on social media.There’s no need to get their inside leg measurement and mother’s maiden name but, checking they are a "real person" before a date will give you piece of mind before you meet.Georgia Tech wide receiver Darren Waller (88) catches a 68-yard pass from quarterback Vad Lee (2) (not pictured)behind Georgia cornerback Sheldon Dawson (2) during the first half of a NCAA football game against Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, Nov. Georgia Tech led 20-7 at halftime.(photo/David C Bristow, [email protected]) Georgia coach Mark Richt announced Monday that junior defensive back Sheldon Dawson is no longer a member of the football team.