Living the single life surviving dating

You may not be surprised to know that more people are remaining single these days, but did you know the percentage is over 40%.

The reason she gave was that she was suffering from the stress of her husband Johnny Elichaoff's prescription-drug dependency following painful bouts of surgery after a serious motorbike accident.It was a salutary lesson from someone who once admitted her idea of relaxation is to colour-coordinate her jumper drawer.Wondering what steps to take to get a mortgage or add an addition onto your current home?There are days, I know, when you can sit around your home and think of all you do not like about your single life.You may think Id be so much happier if I was married.

This chapter will help you to enjoy life whether you are single or not.But today, it has to seem effortless and we have become, instead, a nation of silent superwomen, juggling the demands of a job, home, relationship and children without a drop of sweat on our brows.However, for some women, the pressure of keeping up appearances is now causing cracks to show.The word “single” can be confusing: it can include anyone who isn’t married, but most unmarried people who are in long-term relationships don’t think of themselves as single.Defining single as not being in a significant sexual/romantic relationship has problems, too.The constant whirlwind of obligations, responsibilities and 'to do' lists is catapulting us way beyond just being busy and into a state called Survival Mode.