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Weiner had told the student, who turned out to be a young man posing as a woman named “Nikki” by using a friend’s Twitter account, that he was “deceptively strong …like a mongoose” in boasting of what the newspaper called his “animal prowess.” Weiner had started the chat from a hotel room in Los Angeles, where he had traveled to appear on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” The text conversation continued for four days and ended with Weiner giving out his cellphone number in an attempt to meet up, according to the Post.Archaeologists believe it will help them to understand Justinian's building projects in the city.

Abedin, who is half Indian and half Pakistani, is currently under fire for being listed as an editor for several years on the masthead of a radical Muslim journal. at consumers worldwide, many of them located in Russia, the United States and Brazil.So the consulate offered to fly over the lad mag's photographer to shoot some exquisite babes who, at some point, had been in uniform - and who were willing to get out of uniform for Maxim.Maxim and the Israeli Consulate are due to celebrate their collaboration tonight at Marquee.The full inscription reads: 'The most pious Roman emperor Flavius Justinian and the most God-loving priest and abbot, Constantine, erected the building in which (this mosaic) sat during the 14th indiction.'Indiction is an ancient method of counting years that was used for taxation purposes.

Archaeologists said the inscription suggests the mosaic dated to the year 550/551 AD.Disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner says the New York Post set him up for another online sex scandal.On a radio show Sunday in Miami, Weiner said he was a “target” of the newspaper after his admitted suggestive online messaging to someone he thought was a female college student was first reported by the Post more than a week ago, the newspaper reported.Seki Ndo's advertisers easily reach their targeted publishers and use our unique online campaign management solution for getting their best ROIng and social networking.Since its inception in 1999, Live Journal has become home to nearly 25 million users worldwide who come together to celebrate creative expression and find friends who share common passions and interests.Two years later he attempted a comeback by running for mayor of New York and was caught flirting on Twitter again and sexting using the nom de plume Carlos Danger.