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As providers we balance keeping our teenage patient’s trust with acknowledging their developmental stage and knowing when a parent’s input and support is needed.“He texted me photos of his penis, my vagina, as well as a video of us having sex that I did not even know existed,” she told the senate’s law and justice committee, which was considering a bill this year to make revenge porn a criminal offense.Every state in the country allows minors to consent to STI testing and care without parental approval, although a number of these set an age threshold for the right to consent without parental involvement.In these states, the minimum age ranges from 12 to 14 years of age.It’s important to note that even though the law allows teens to consent for their own care, medical providers almost always encourage them to involve a supportive adult.

Our medical system is complicated and decisions about your body and health can be very serious.And if necessary, we will champion your case all the way to trial.Our defense attorneys understand that being accused of a crime is one of the most difficult times of your life.As of the date of this posting, thirty-one states allow minors to also consent to HIV testing and treatment without parental approval.Unlike testing for most other infectious diseases, testing for HIV involves possible benefits as well as social, economic, and legal consequences that typically are not apparent or known to an individual considering testing.Although roughly a third of the states permit health care providers to inform a minor's parents that their child is seeking STI-related services, none require it.