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” foolishly thinking my question would make her throw it away. Krischan F., der am Donnerstagabend nach einer Geiselnahme aus der Forensik der geschlossenen Abteilung der LVR-Klinik in Bedburg-Hau am Niederrhein geflohen war, wurde in Bonn festgenommen.Nahe den Botanischen Gärten sah er den Verdächtigen auf der Reuterstraße laufen. Polizeibeamte trafen kurz darauf auf den beschriebenen Mann. sofort, der Gesuchte Ausbrecher aus Bedburg-Hau zu sein.

The overhead images from helicopters and cranes are integral to the telling of the story, but also essential to tracking its reverberations.

The twin killings in "The Silence" aren't just crimes against individuals; they're crimes against the natural order.

The camera soars over a breathtaking landscape or cityscape to show off the scenery and the production budget.

These glorified establishing shots make the scale and the scope of the movie appear to be more expansive, even if they really aren't.

In Baran bo Odar's first-rate thriller "The Silence," the aerial panoramic images, which survey undeniably gorgeous slices of Bavarian countryside, express so much more.

This is a movie about the gaps between two points in time and space — the murders of two young girls in the same spot, 23 years apart — and the invisible connections the deaths forge between people: Peer (Ulrich Thomsen), the maintenance worker who rapes and kills Pia (Helene Doppler); Timo (Wotan Wilke Mohring), his passive accomplice; Elena (Katrin Sass), Pia's mother, who still takes flowers to the memorial on the bucolic spot where her daughter died; Krischan Mittich (Burghart Klaussner), the retired police detective haunted by his inability to solve Pia's homicide; the Weghamms (Roeland Wiesnekker and Karoline Eichhorn), whose daughter, Sinikka (Anna Lena Klenke), becomes the second victim; Matthias Grimmer (Oliver Stokowski), the lead investigative officer on the new case who believes it's merely a copycat killing, and his partner, David Jahn (Sebastian Blomberg), a damaged soul mourning the recent loss of his wife to cancer, who detects more personal links between the crimes.

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She was home from school because she had a fever last night, and I didn’t think I should send her to school, just in case.

So we went to this little diner that has a basket of lolly pops by the door.

She brought it back to the table, opened it up, and promptly dropped it on the floor under the table.