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the contest sounds like fun, there's quite a lot of space (and cash prizes!

Open a Web browser and navigate to "research." Type "Kinect SDK" in the search bar and click the "Search" button.

Click on the "Kinect for Windows SDK from Microsoft Research" link, followed by the "Download" button.

I used my ancient HP TX2000 laptop which I can't install the final Windows 8 on (I can't get proper video drivers and had to used a hacked laptopvideo2go driver which has...

Personally I think that the metro interface is actually fairly useable as a 10-foot interface, except the mouse doesn't translate the best.

Click the "Download" link for your version of Windows to download the install file.

Double-click the Kinect SDK install file and follow the onscreen instructions to install "Kinect for Windows SDK."Open a Web browser and navigate to "e2" Move your mouse cursor over the "Products" menu and select the "Kinect Cam" option.

But in case you don't want to buy a webcam, or you want to use depth output (who wants?!

), or IR output, then you can use Kinect, Also some of robot designers may use it to stream data from Kinect to an other PC.

Hot Tip 2: A jab can be made by poking into the grey square with your hands, arms, elbows, head, or even your feet!

(Although we do not recommend the risk of falling off your chair.) --- If you experience webcam problems, look at om/--- More information about the cash-prize contest can be found at om --- JABBO is proudly brought to you by Live Murals Interactive. great game with a learning curve to get better and get more perfect combos!

Now you can thump to the beat of catchy tunes with a webcam-enabled computer in the privacy of your own home. v=Ak Dz5mg D9Z4 The basic goal is simple - jab the grey square as the orange circle fully enters it.