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But they had never thought of each other as more than friends…It all started when the evil Dr. My dads probably gonna freak.""Yeah, I guess you're right." He said, finally tearing his eyes off of her, and started to lead her home. Eric was a Syntho-Drone, he melted in a steaming pile of goo, Drakken lost, Shego lost half of her hair, Ron and I went to the Prom, we danced, we kissed, and then we-""Whoa, whoa! " He said proudly, startling his mom and dad."Ronald! An example is the one they had just been through earlier that night. He walked into the living room, where his parents were sitting watching Television."Howdy, all! ""Oh, ya know, walkin' my date home." He grinned."Your date?

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Ron did not realize that Kim's emotions were being manipulated at all and was confused.

Wade's reaction said it all, that kiss was out-of-nowhere but Ron clearly liked it. I saw their relationship bump up to a whole other level already and saw their love for each other develop.

Ron suddenly breaks the eye contact and starts to speak."Hold on, KP...

" Monique runs over to Kim with the biggest smile on her face.

Just when she thought it was hopeless and was prepared to give up, a supposedly nice... He befriended her and asked for to be dates to the Prom. At the same time, Ron was developing new feelings for his longtime friend, but decided not to tell her because it might ruin their friendship. Chains of this restaurant all throughout the world handed out the little devils and when given a command signal they grew into giant monsters. Eric turned out to be a Syntho-Drone, one of Drakkens greatest creations, but Rufes; Rons trusted pet naked mole rat bit the it's foot which caused Syntho-goo to pour out, thus melting him. When they finally broke, he had a wide grin on his face."Better now? Suddenly, the front door burst open, and Kims twin brothers, Jim and Tim Possible, AKA the 'tweebs', bounded out."Kimmie and Eric, sitting in a-" They stopped their chanting as they saw their big sister kissing not Eric, but… The couple pulled apart and looked at the twins."Hey, guys." Ron smiled at them."Surprised? Possible had walked into the room and had found them kissing. Minutes later, Ron bid farewell and walked down the street towards his house.

They took out Drakkens worldwide command signal, foiling his evil plans, and Kim, finally realizing who had been there all along, went to the Prom with Ron, where they finally expressed their true feelings for each other. " Kim grinned."legarlged…" Jim chocked out, as he and his brother slowly backed off the porch into the safety of the indoors."Jim? " A smooth female voice floated from up the stairs. Kim bound up the stairs to her room, only to be stopped by her eager mother."Mom?

" Kim nods her head, then notices Ron taking off his jacket and putting it around her. Anne and James watch as they share a kiss as a couple. I know Ron well enough to know that he isn't like all of the other evil boys in the world. Anne playfully elbows him before they begin watching them again.

Ron notices Kim chattering her teeth, realizing that she is cold."You cold, KP? Both of them start to relax and sigh at the same time once again. I'll let him go with this kiss..time." James says with a smile. It's a date." Kim says as she noticed Ron getting excited."Hehe I love hearing that word." Ron says to her as he bounces up and down. They both wave to eachother as Ron walks down to his motorcycle. Her mom and dad stood there with the biggest smiles on their faces."Ok Kimmie?

Following the events of "So the Drama," Kim and Ron go out on their first real date as a couple while Eric the Synthrodrome revives himself, seeking revenge for his defeat.

*AUTHOR'S NOTE: Revision of previous story that had Josh as the villain and special thanks to Data Seeker and Shadow-DJ for their assistance.

All of this had happened during the prom and in their minds, both Kim and Ron were able to save the best for last.