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So she decided, well before I was aware we were in negotiations, that she would check with a lawyer to discuss options. (capital R added for emphasis) Okay, but I’m not here to judge. But in couple’s therapy she never answered the question, “When did you exit the relationship? The second time I felt a tectonic shift, very different, was at a titty bar.But something a “friend” of hers said today, brought a bit of a different perspective on things. We were there joking about bringing home the young girl with us.

So..) Also would add more of the diamonds in the hall but poor... Where you train and catch dragons in dragon island!

Idk why I puted pearl and diamond in there x D, anyways this time lets get more fans than last time (9), not doing for likes but I am just curious how many fans are out there! And creds to Pichu for le ice cream sandwich in diamonds hand A new game!

Perhaps the THRILL of something new is reason enough to wander, to flirt, to “have lunch” with someone of the opposite sex. The point was, things were unstable, and I didn’t want to consider her leaving me for any reason. Chances are she was already in the process of leaving, separating. And, as I understand from writing here, very different from what I truly think I need. I need a partner who takes an equal part in generating the joy and warm emotions in the relationship.

Or if you want to get really thrilling, how about the same sex? The several times during our marriage, for example, when my first ex-wife called with some reason we needed to have coffee, I would talk to my then-wife about it.[Um, this is how the ex-y and I got started. And all it would take was that last offer, opportunity, greener pasture, to launch her into a new trajectory. So was it too easy for her to set her sights on that new goal, male or female, and then make her calculated and spreadsheeted plans to get there? I need someone who adores me, and who I adore back. And more clearly now, than when I started this rant.

What if my ex-y’s DIVORCE gave permission for this “friend’s” divorce. )Either way, there is something about the permissiveness of divorce these days. We’d always joked that it was fine to have another woman, as long as she (the ex-y) was there.

Heck, I didn’t even know she was divorced as my daughter is best friends with her daughter, and seems to think they are still married. Perhaps greener pastures are enough of a reason today. It was a running joke, as if she had lesbian fantasies and of course I did. However, when the young thing, a bit rough around the edges and smelling of cigarette smoke, was assigned to give the ex-y a lap dance… I guess I recalled how easily she revealed private issues with her pen pal, I felt a flash of fear, watching her really enjoying the affections of this pretty little siren, that she could just as easily leave me for a girl as leave me for another man. It’s okay, it’s just very different from what I needed.

I know that sounds rather absurd, after all the pissing and moaning I’ve done around my divorce. And though I swear I’m moving on, I don’t guess I will ever fully be OVER it. Seeing if a date is going to materialize through the txts and emails I’m exchanging with someone from

But some how, my ex-y decided it would be easier, more to her advantage, more joyful to go seeking a relationship with someone else. And I’d rather be hanging with my kids: chatting about their day, their projects, their hopes and dreams. The ex-y on the other hand, seemed to move on rather quickly into a couple relationships that seemed a bit more like reactions, or rebounds, or “wouldn’t this be thrilling,” rather than Relationships.

:)My perfect evening used to be a nice dinner and walk.

It's now sitting on the couch catching up with my son about his day!

If you had a miserable date, tell your girlfriends all about it — not your kid.