Keanu reeves dating diane keaton

Keanu Reeves was reported last night to be embroiled in a romance with Diane Keaton, the actress who is nearly 20 years his senior.

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Harry Sanborn is a wealthy New York music mogul who has had a 40-year habit of dating women under 30, including his latest conquest, Marin Klein.

The two drive to her mother's Hamptons beach house expecting to be alone, but are surprised by Marin's mother, successful playwright Erica Barry, who is there with her sister Zoe.

Reeves met Miss Keaton when they appeared together in the 2003 comedy Something's Gotta Give. magazine Star Reeves was 'hit hard' by turning 40 last year.

He began dating Miss Collins three months ago after they met on the set of the forthcoming drama Il Mare. Breaking up with Miss Collins 'kind of said goodbye to a way of living he's outgrown'.

Harry normally goes for younger women but soon finds himself strangely attracted to someone closer to his own age. But I think just even the intimacy of it and the fact that there’s so much that you can’t really share with each other in some way – the experiences that you’ve been through that they can’t really understand because they’re not there. It isn’t also just age but the kind of work you do. Is that a 'been there-done that' type of thing for you? It’s sort of interesting when you put it that way because you think “Been there, done that. How delicate a balance is it to be funny in a scene where your character doesn’t know she’s being funny?

Keaton’s character also works her magic on a younger doctor (Keanu Reeves), placing her smack dab in the middle of a complicated love triangle. If you’re successful, you’re separated by that, which is an odd thing. It’s a strange balancing act and I don’t really know why.

Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet co-star, with Frances Mc Dormand, Paul Michael Glaser, Jon Favreau, and Ka Dee Strickland playing key supporting roles.

The film received generally favorable reviews For her performance Keaton earned a Golden Globe, a Satellite Award, as well as an Academy Award nomination and a SAG Award nomination for Best Actress, among other recognitions.

Granted, some of these pairings are no longer together, but when they were, and at the time we definitely thought ‘how on earth did this happen? Madonna has revealed that she used to smocth Michael Jackson back in the day. The Queen of Pop revealed that they used to kiss, and she was the one who obviously made the first move, “because he was a little shy” quote, Madonna.

Heidi Klum’s ex-hubby had a thing for super, supermodels.

Something's Gotta Give is a 2003 American romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by Nancy Meyers.