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Then in the Order of the Phoenix, Cho and Harry famously shared a kiss as Harry’s first romance played out on screen.

As well as that, she also played Robert Pattinson’s character Cedric Diggory’s girlfriend after Cho and Harry went their separate ways.

What is it really like to go from a decade working on the biggest film franchise in the world to finding work as young adults?

Here, some former Hogwarts pupils share their stories.

But pertaining to the movies, what's your opinion about the chemistry of the actors and actresses who were cast to play the part of the couples: Harry - Ginny (Dan Radcliffe & Bonnie Wright) Ron - Hermione (Rupert Grint & Emma Watson) Lupin - Tonks (David Thewlis & Natalia Tena) Bill - Fleur (Domnhall Gleeson & Clemense Poesy) James - Lily (Adrian Rawlins & Geraldine Somerville) Arthur - Molly (Mark Williams & Julie Walters) Lucius - Narcissa (Jason Isaacs & Helen Mc Crory) other pairings: Harry - Cho (Dan Radcliffe & Katie Leung) Hermione - Viktor (Emma Watson & Stanislav Ianevksi) Ginny - Dean (Bonnie Wright & Alfie Enoch) Cedric - Cho (Robert Pattinson & Katie Leung) Bill - Tonks as Mrs.

Weasley wanted it (Domnhall Gleeson & Natalia Tena) George - Angelina (Oliver Phelps & ...) Snape - Lily (Alan Rickman & Geraldine Somerville) Were you satisfied about them?

Katie Leung, 25, was 16 when she became globally famous as Harry Potter's first girlfriend, Cho Chang.

She made her theatre debut in ' Wild Swans' at the Young Vic in 2012 and is currently studying drama at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Harry, Hermione and Ron are adjusting to life post-Potter rather well – but what of the hundreds of other child actors who came from open auditions and stage schools to star in the eight films that became the highest-grossing series of all time, earning .7bn at the box office?The actress won the role after beating 3,000 others at an open audition, waiting in line for hours to get herself a five minute long audition.Now, Katie is all grown up after first starring in the Harry Potter films more than 10 years ago.And after filming, the first thing she did when she returned to the new home she shares with Eric was switch on the PS3 games console – and crack open a beer!Disarmingly, she said: ‘That’s what I really like to do more than anything.‘I will always be grateful for the opportunity the Harry Potter films gave me.