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The analogous concept of the matrilineal most recent common ancestor is known as "Mitochondrial Eve" (mt-MRCA, named for the matrilineal transmission of mt DNA), the most recent woman from whom all living humans are descended matrilineally.As with "Mitochondrial Eve", the title of "Y-chromosomal Adam" is not permanently fixed to a single individual, but can advance over the course of human history as paternal lineages become extinct.

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As of 2015, estimates of the age of the Y-MRCA range around 200,000 to 300,000 years ago, roughly consistent with the emergence of anatomically modern humans.Y-chromosomal data taken from a Neanderthal from El Sidrón, Spain produced a Y-T-MRCA of 588,000 years ago for neanderthal and Homo sapiens patrilineages, dubbed ante Adam and 275,000 years ago for Y-MRCA.But for other questions we don't have to make an either-or choice; instead we can learn from both nature and scripture, and our understanding of total reality (physical plus spiritual) will be more complete and accurate.Putting the Puzzle Together: In a paper describing some of what we know about the science and theology of human origins, David Wilcox is confident that Why?The Y-chromosomal most recent common ancestor is the most recent common ancestor of the Y-chromosomes found in currently living human males.

Due to the definition via the "currently living" population, the identity of a MRCA, and by extension of the human Y-MRCA, is time-dependent (it depends on the moment in time intended by the term "currently").In many respects, this question can’t be adequately addressed unless we examine a more fundamental question, “Where do humans come from?” In the West, influenced by a Judeo-Christian worldview, the response to this question was largely based on the first two chapters of Genesis.What do proponents of a young earth-and-universe say about this scientific evidence?They typically respond in one or more of these four ways: A) claim their own analysis of the evidence is better than conventional analysis (you can examine the evidence-and-logic in AGE OF THE EARTH - SCIENCE) so the logic of science should lead to conclusions that the earth is young and so are humans (), and/or they B) challenge the credibility of HISTORICAL SCIENCES; C) acknowledge the weakness in current young-universe science, but hope it will improve in the future; D) claim the universe is young even though it appears to be old when we carefully examine the scientific evidence, because the universe was created in a mature state with a false APPEARANCE OF OLD AGE.God is shown inside a floating nebulous form made up of drapery and other figures.