Internet dating and katt williams

Jones has been a featured performer at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and the Aspen Comedy Festival.

In 2010, her one-hour comedy special, Problem Child, was broadcast on Showtime.

Human beings are fickle creatures — and females are no exception.

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How am I supposed to scroll through my Instagram feed if I keep receiving a text from you every .5 seconds?

I can't even swipe upwards to remove the alert from my screen because they keep coming in at rapid speeds.

I don't care what anyone says, there is a big difference between affectionate attention and over-the-top, unnecessary smothering.

Sure, we like having men in our lives, but there are certain boundaries that must be adhered to.

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Jones starred in Ghostbusters (2016) as Patty Tolan.

Jones attended high school in Lynwood, California, where she also played basketball; in May 2015, she stated on Late Night with Seth Meyers that her father suggested that she play the sport because she is six feet tall.

This is a satirical take on what girls think when guys become a little much to deal with and, honestly, this goes for the ladies too, but as Katt Williams so eloquently put it: “This isn't your part of the show yet.”Nothing worth having comes easy. Sure, these guys are good in doses, but the last thing you want to do is introduce one of them to your friends.

They've probably heard every clingy thing this guy has ever done.

Jones appeared in the first and third episodes of the 40th season, hosted by Chris Pratt and Bill Hader, respectively.