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I saw people whispering and what not and continuing to give them diry looks.

Our server even acts like he doesn't want to serve us because he sees them together.

That being said, I've dated outside my race in the past: Dominican, Puerto Rican, Filipino, Asian(North Indian), Native American and a slew of multi-racial girls.

Well most of you already know I'm bi-racial myself: Black & Columbian And of course I'm married to a Lovely Latin: Mexican & Spanish (European decent) I have in my life dated: White, Asian (Korean, Phillipine, Japanese), mostly Latin (Mexican, Columbian, Venezuelian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Costa Rican), and of course Black girls/women.

Anyway we eat and as we are leaving just to make a point my friends do a really long kiss in front of the people that were whipering about them, which made me LOL.

Anyway, my point is that it's sad that people in 2013 still have such narrow minds.

They ask for a beer and ask them are they of age when clearly they are we all are in our mid 20's and acts like their ID's are fake.

So my friend get kind of ticked of and wants to go somewhere else, but his girl refuses because she didn't want them to think they won by making them feel uncomfortable.

Despite popular belief, people who are racist have the capability to be in interracial relationships.

Historically, white supremacists have slept with women of color in an attempt to “dilute” the skin color of future U. citizens and to “dilute” the people and their culture.

A similiar incident happen to my white friend who was dating a Indian girl. Are people not allowed to date who they want to date? So some of my friends date outside of their race but it bothers me that people in the year 2013 are still upset by interracial dating.

The fetishization of people of color in this country has been an issue since before the colonization of the Western world itself. My mother is Irish, German and Hungarian with red hair and blue eyes to match.

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